Monday, 14 April 2014

Home weekend

Spring kind of came to Sapporo.

March 29th the garden looked like this....

April 13th it looked like this.

And I found this.

And Popo celebrated almost full, noisy health by doing this.

Spent the weekend close to home doing stuff that needed doing.
Okaasan looked a bit rough and sad this weekend. Ate lunch silently on Saturday. Then was getting ready to go for a walk, but had a toilet accident and PUT the soiled pants down the toilet bowl :-((  Ignored the trash box near the toilet.
By the time she'd had a bath to clean up etc the walking chance had gone. 

Sunday she didn't want to eat lunch with us. Ate about an hour later. She didn't really know why.
Went for a walk locally late afternoon.
Had dinner with us in the evening. But pretty quiet.
I haven't been into her room for almost a week now....

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