Friday, 4 April 2014

Obstacle course

With the lack of anything else interesting to blog about - I'm reduced to creating obstacle courses for Okaasan to entertain us.

Yup. Had her out in the garden clambering over giant foam walls and thru plastic sheet tunnels....

She did pretty well, even caught the frisbee in her teeth.


Tuesday was day care. No dance or anything, just go and have a bath and lunch and gentle activities like card games, karaoke etc.
At 8.35 am she was half dressed and up off the carpet getting ready to go.
So I took the chance to see how well she could do getting herself ready and out.
I hid up stairs.
At 8.50 the day care staff came and Okaasan came out to do greetings.
And then the driver lady stood in our entrance the minutes went by...and Okaasan came in...and out...and in and out...going back to get stuff, check stuff, return stuff...on and on.

Usually, after telling Okaasan that it is day care day - I leave her to get up and start dressing, then by 8.45 I am in the room with her helping to put necessary stuff in the bags and chivy her along in dressing.

So, it WAS interesting to listen to how she fared on her own. The staff didn't actually come in and help her until the very end. I guess they have a rule about that - at what point to step in and physically help the client.
So the staff stood in the entrance hall and Okaasan shuffled around getting stuff together.
It took her almost 20 mins....the staff have soooo much patience!

Funny thing was hearing them talk about "where is everyone? The car is here? Are they out?".

Okaasan's suggestion:"Maybe they went out to eat?".

At 9 am in the morning?? I guess the usual reason we give her for being out is that we are a) working or b) have to go out and eat with a foreign, non-Japanese speaking guest. So her thinking in our absence goes to those possible explanations! :-)

Anyway. Finally the staff and Okaasan left and I came out of hiding to do the usual room-tidying.

Interesting. Well, for me anyway. Cos I have no life to speak of.
She CAN get dressed and get stuff together still, but it all takes time. The constant checking of necessary things....stuffing the bags with the same things over and over again.

Next stage: prepping the foam wall and tunnel now. I'll post video of THAT.

Random cute cat picture...cos.....well...just....why not?

Snow has melted....

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  1. Awesome post! Made me laugh! Especially the idea of Okaasan with a frisbee between her teeth!! Thinking it's a great idea to give Okaasan things to do in the house to 'help you'. Think 3 year old with 80 years life experience and you'll be right. I think letting her do things in a safe environment without helping will help her and you. Keep at it. Also see you've been returned to winter. Does that mean more skiing for you?