Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Coconut oil

Two cans of coconut milk.
Soon to be boiled down into coconut oil.
Which will make me smart and lively, and give me glossy hair and a shiny nose.

Sooner or later in talk about dementia the topic of coconut oil comes up.
It's one of those Amazing, But True, Dementia Preventing/Fighting cures.
If you read the Internet and listen to enough old wives.
(I guess that's where old wives' tales live now...in cyberspace, with YouTube videos of earnest people telling you that they have the secret to something, and not to believe everything you see/hear on the Internet).

So. Coconut oil is meant to stop the bits of the brain decaying and help you keep it together.
I am giving it a try.
I give my cats little packs of water with extra oxygen or something, I've dabble in tarot cards, bio rhythms...I'm up for a little alternative/wacko.

I like coconut. I have a brain. Recently been feeling a bit tired and fighting through life's daily decisions.
Why not?
Give it a go. Can't harm me.

And how will I know it is making a difference?
The blog writing will improve. I will become an all-round livelier teacher, girlfriend, feline-mum, gardener and kayaker?

I'm the guinea pig. Squeak.
If I think it is really doing me good, I would of course try and think I would get some down Okaasan's throat.
Not sure if she likes coconut or not. Not sure I could add it to miso soup, because the oil does taste of coconut. But that's something in the future - if I notice my own brain clicking into a higher gear.

So I bought me some canned coconut milk and following the advice of a friendly Indian lady on YouTube, I boiled it down into a tiny cup of oil. The kitchen smelled wonderful. Like a beach full of British tourists all slathering on sunscreen.

And now I am adding some oil to my morning coffee or chai. Or just spooning it into me. And waiting to see if my teaching/editing/writing/cat mothering skills get sharper.

I hardly dare label this post "dementia" and "coconut oil", cos the number of blog visitors will shoot up and I'll get all sorts of people dropping by.
Think I'll just leave it unlabeled....

That's a smart decision. The oil. Obviously. It's already working....

* Slightly strange thing with Okaasan last night. She was out when we both came home...him at 6 pm...and me at 8 pm. DS totally failed to check where his mother was at dinner time as he was watching TV instead.
She was sitting at the resting counter in the local convenience store with a can of tea. I went to get her in the car. She said she'd hit her leg while taking in the laundry from the garden...and it hurt, so she couldn't walk back. 
But she hadn't called us. Or got in a taxi. Or anything. Just sat in the Seicomart for 2 hours. Her leg looks a little swollen. Not visible cut. Maybe a shin bump? Bruising tomorrow?
Didn't want dinner, of course. Just went to sleep by the TV.

But. This is exactly the kind of evening which worries me about Okaasan and when we go to Brazil in July.
The carer will HAVE to make sure she is home safely in the evening, using the phone and GPS. It isn't enough to come in an cook and leave food for her. The carer will have to check exactly what she is doing and that she is ok, day by day.

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