Sunday, 25 May 2014

Legs again

Pain in the legs is back.
When Okaasan remembers it. Feels it. Remembers it.

Last year this went into a 5? week saga of her and Dear Son refusing to do anything about it, while I harassed them to DO SOMETHING! Okaasan stopped going out completely. Had problems even getting to the kitchen and toilet, or  bath.
It's arthritis or rheumatism I expect. However, in this hospitals-do-no-good family we'll never know what it is for sure, so the not-eating, and not standing-up method of treatment will prevail.
Finally last year she agreed to go to a kind of chiropractic - which helped. Finally.

Last week Okaasan went out for a late walk after DS had got home. An hour later the 90 plus years old neighbor came to say that Okaasan was stuck on a footpath about 100 m from the house and couldn't get home by herself!
DS went and rescued her, gently took her hand and walked her home.
Why hadn't she called him? Why hadn't she asked anyone to help? For an hour....she'd probably stood there, clutching onto the fence....until the 90 year old plus neighbor found her.

And so. Some days she remembers the pain. And doesn't eat much, doesn't do much. Creeps around the kitchen.
Other days - or actually even 1 hour later !! - the pain has gone and she is prepping to go out for a walk downtown.....
We are monitoring and trying to make sure she doesn't head out too far again.

It was a bit of a week really....Okaasan and her legs. Lots of work. New students. New class. All good. But a run around.
Then one of the cats appeared sick, and then vanished for 14 hours, and came home with a screechy voice.
I took him to the vet to be checked out and as the last, but one customer on Friday night my vet was just as knackered as me.
He took an X ray of Popo's throat and chest area to see if there was anything inside causing the screechy noises.
Called me back into the consulting room 15 mins later. Two X-rays were up on the screen.
WHAT IS THAT????? And THAT????
Two strange lines were at the lower throat level. On their own, not connected to any other bones. About 2 cm long!!!!
My head was a-whirl with needles? Awful boys torturing my cat? Broken fence parts???
The vet and I peered at the X-rays in shock....

Then he looked flustered, ran into a back room to check something.....and came back with embarrassment to tell me: "um sorry, those are bones! Entirely natural! All cats have them there. Dogs  don't. I got mixed up!!!!"

So relieved. Laughed a bit manically. Me too.
I thought MY week was a long one....his was obviously worse.

Finally came away with nose drops to try and get down - or anywhere at all near - a squirming cat's tiny nostrils.

And it is the weekend. Gardening. TV. Sleeping. Eating out. 
Very necessary.

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