Friday, 26 September 2014


She walks again!

I came home from work.
Walked into the kitchen and looked at Okaasan's carpet nest.
She wasn't there.
Where where?????

In the toilet. 10 minutes later came out....walked little tiny steps, but WALKED back to her room, sat down on the sofa - shook her heels in the air (literally) to show me she has no knee pain.

Bloody amazing.

She says her arm hurts still. Knees? Nothing.
I fell? I spent 2 days on the carpet crying in agony? Me? Really?

Just amazing.

I almost feel as if I am suffering from memory loss - was she really so bad? But luckily I live with DS and we know how bad it has been since Tuesday night. I haven't been exaggerating her condition at all.
She can't remember any of that.

I think a big part of the problem is that when she is in pain she gives such a huge reaction (probably unconsciously) - that it sends us into panic mode. She is noisy and screaming and flinching and batting us away with her hands.
Is this something to do with the dementia - over the top emoting?

And now. She is sitting on the sofa watching TV. Perfectly ok.

I am going out now. But I am going to hide her outside shoes - I worry that she will feel SO alright that she'll set out for a walk downtown again.Don't need that today.

Just amazing.

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