Monday, 3 November 2014

Don't worry :-)

Hey caring readers! Don't worry about me!

Thankyou for your comments on the hair-salon saga - but reading thru them I got the feeling that the situation had come over as more serious than it was. Must be losing my writing skills.
DS wasn't on my case in any nasty, aggressive way - more like wearily wondering why Okaasan and Me were going in different directions on the topic.
And the "guilt" was tongue-in-cheek - me feeling guilty of "oh bugger, I've over-managed again".

So. Don't worry. A momentary stressy thing. Just a reminder that I should try to pay attention to what she wants to do, and try to facilitate that...not force her to march to my decisions.

Weather is bad today. He is isn't working: so he is in charge of getting her to have a bath. And then taking her to the salon this afternoon :-)

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