Friday, 19 December 2014

Day helper success :-)

Just dropping in - as my week continues plowing on almost without me catching up with it...

This week day service helper success: Okaasan agreed to go out with the woman by taxi to the supermarket, where she bought a huge hoard of rice crackers, yogurts, packed food and breads.
Came home again by taxi and settled down by the TV to eat some of it.

I hid the helper file on a chair in the kitchen - and left a note outside the front door telling the helper where to look.
Dear Son sent me a message for his mother about the benefits of walking - and I printed it out and put it by her lunch things on the table.

All seemed to work.

I was actually here when Okaasan and the helper came back. I'd slipped back to feed cats and was lurking upstairs quietly....there wasn't the cheerful chitchat in the kitchen that would be ideal. But maybe the helper and Okaasan were all chatted out by the time they'd gone, walked round the shop and come home again.

The important thing is that the helper came, got Okaasan dressed, got her out for walking and chat. A break away from watching the TV.

I do feel sad for Okaasan. Last year she was taking herself out for a walk a few times a week, even in winter. Now she is down to twice a week - under supervision. But that is all we can do with our own working schedules at the moment. Plus her refusal to go to day center for dancing etc.

My evening classes this winter are only 3 times a week. But still that means she is eating alone 3 least.
Last night I called her between classes to tell her that her dinner was on the table, soup on the stove etc.
"Is it morning? I don't eat breakfast...." Okaasan told me....

"No,'s Thursday evening at 7 pm. That's dinner on the table...I will be home about 9 pm, please eat the food...."

Dear Son is home for the weekend. I can take a mental break from all this arranging and planning of my schedule and the needs of two cats and one old lady.

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  1. good news! will you be sitting down to a bit of xmas dinner this year? :)