Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hiding stuff

It feels a bit crazy...and mean...but...

I have started hiding stuff that I don't want Okaasan to use.

Her boots...and my kitchen pans.

Came home yesterday to another burned pan, I think she tried to heat up some left over soup, and maybe added some rice from the delivery lunchbox on top. The result can't have been very good.
She won't actually burn the house down, because this cooker cuts out when the heat gets too high, or the pan isn't moved. But I can't add in scrubbing charcoaled pans to my list of Stuff To Do every day. Can't.
Okaasan can heat up food in the microwave. Well, she "can" because there is a microwave in the kitchen...but she's of the generation that don't trust zapping food....if there is a pan...she wants to use it. But doesn't have the ability to monitor using it.

So. I hid the pans this morning before I went to work. Cleared out space on the top shelf of the towel shelves in the bathroom. She will never see them there. If she looks for a pan there won't be one. 
She can zap food in the microwave, and make instant hot soup. Or open the flasks I leave with hot food in them. 

Oh. And boots.
The weather is bad at the moment. I don't THINK she will try to go out. 
But I've started hiding her boots too. In a supermarket box on the top of the hall closet.

*** The sore foot? Blister?
Okaasan was complaining about something on her foot on Sunday. I checked. I can't see anything apparently wrong. And she isn't talking about it now. Maybe I'll ask the day helper to check again tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Day helper coming day.
Crossed fingers she manages to get Okaasan out of the house this time. The weather forecast is horrible - it'll be windy and snowy.

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