Wednesday, 25 February 2015

英語でホッカイドー Pera Peraトーク500

If you can't use your own blog to promote your own book? Who will?!!!

英語でホッカイドー Pera Peraトーク500 is a book about guiding and home stay hosting in English, in Hokkaido. It is published today by the Hokkaido Newspaper.

Written by my friend Masako Endo - a super guide for foreign visitors to Hokkaido - and edited by me, with an AMAZING CD narrated by me!

It is the follow up book to Pera Pera Hokkaido (2008), which became a local best seller. Used by many language students for English listening and reading practice. Used by people working in the tourist business. Great little book!

It is on sale from today in bookstores, and available online via Amazon. There will also be a Talk Show event at Hokkaido Newspaper, Sapporo on March 12th at 6 pm.

Nothing to do with dementia/international life family/terrible Oyomesan......

But shameless self-promotion :-)

Recording the CD - Endo Masako and Me!

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