Saturday, 28 March 2015

Better walking

Yesterday better.

Okaasan appeared to have suffered nothing at all from her fall in the street - really surprising. Not even grazes or cuts? Human body is strong.
I'll get her to have a bath today and manage to check her body a little - she always walks around naked after her bath, drying hair etc.

Yesterday I came home in the afternoon to do a big editing job on the computer.
Okaasan was asleep at 2 pm.
At 2.30 she woke up and I told her to go out and enjoy the sunshine. She finally got out - after much faffing about - at about 4 pm.

And at 6.10? Safely home again! She only walked round the immediate neighborhood and came home ok. Big relief.
I cooked her dinner, ate it with her and made sure she was settled in with tea and the TV. 
Then I went out to a friend's jazz concert in a local restaurant. And relaxed.

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  1. I'm so glad she was OK. Trying to figure out what works for her must be so hard for you. So glad you had the chance to relax in the evening. Nancy