Friday, 10 April 2015

...and back...

Not a good day.

Okaasan had a great pan-burning event at lunchtime. Really, REALLY burned the pan I had left her lunchtime tofu/onions/egg dish inside. 
I could smell the burn as soon as I opened the front door. MUST use/get better hot flask thing to leave her lunches in. She is beyond heating stuff up now. And I am beyond pan rescue.

And then evening....

Okaasan went out for a walk. Cell phone - OK. Coat - OK. Hat - OK.
No front door key.
I had evening classes and left her dinner all ready in the table top hot pot. At 7 pm I called to see that she was home and eating it.
Found she was in the old neighbor's house. In the phone call I couldn't really clearly understand from her if she was because she was being social (unlikely) or because she had no front door key (more likely). My student arrive 3 minutes later - so at 8.45 pm when I got home I discovered it was the No Key scenario and so Okaasan needing digging out from the neighbor's living room and feeding a very late dinner.


My fault really - I didn't check that she had her key when she left the house at 4 pm.

We have to check all of this every time for her. We should also put a big notice by the shoe box in the hall, to remind her to check.

Not a great day.

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