Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Is it????

Am I losing it...????

THREE times in the past 3 weeks I have mixed up/forgotten a class time/day.
And I left the iron on in the house - centimeters away from an inflammable material notice board - for a whole day.

These things make you wonder. Make me wonder. 
Are these just slips of the mind, or the start of something more.
Ironically, because one of the films I want to see this month is "Still Alice", with Julianne Moore as a linguistics professor who develops Alzheimer's.

So. The classes. I can explain the mix up on each one. I think.

1) A student who comes very intermittently. She cancels due to work reasons a lot, and if I don't have the following week class written in the diary....I suddenly saw a phone message from her that she was waiting at the classroom door at 8 pm....while I was at home.
2) A student who was coming at 11 am. The class before finished at 10.45 am - and I went off to the gardening center to get flowers for the classroom planters: thinking "Oh it is still 10 am....I have an hour until she comes...". She arrived 5 minutes after I'd driven away.
2) A student who made his class time reservation in a Facebook message - usually he comes Thursday...this week it was Tuesday...and again...a phone message while I was finishing family dinner alerted me to that.

Aghh......I feel bad. My students are forgiving. Nice people.

But it isn't good.

I am double checking everything now.

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  1. Hi Oyomesan. I'm just going to say you aren't losing it. You're probably very tired because you have so much on your plate. Well done with the nail cutting. I know it is nerve wracking!