Wednesday, 29 July 2015

And YOU can shut the F**** up too!

And here we still are.
Shouting at a dear, sweet old lady across the dinner table.

Welcome back to our life.

Actually the shouting, while exhilarating for all concerned, was a brief interlude of excitement in a pretty mundane life. We are fine. Sweating along in summer.

Fights. How do they start?
If you track them back calmly you can see the seeds of it all back in the minutes and hour before....
I came home hot, tired and hungry.
Slightly miffed that at 6.45 pm there was no sign of him making dinner as promised.
More miffed that he didn't hear or respond to me "Hello" calling from the kitchen - because he was upstairs with a noisy TV show. All Japanese TV shows are noisy.

So. Tired, hungry, hot. Miffed.
Half a glass of wine gulped down obviously helped the emotional control.

Then Okaasan came back and said she'd been in a shop and hadn't had enough money, so asked the shop to Keep the magazine for her.

And he said.
And I said.
And he said "No, you don't understand..."
And I said.


"You don't understand" is not the best way to say what he meant. That old international relationship misunderstanding on language. To him that means "No, I mean something different" - but what I hear is "No, you are stupid and don't understand what I am saying".


I shouted at him.
He at me.
Then Okaasan at me.
Me at her.
All 3 of us together.
I'm trying to grab my dinner, wine glass and glasses and storm out.
He is trying to stop me.

The neighbors 3 meters away with their kitchen window open must have been loving it.

So there you have it. Domestic bliss in Sapporo.
Always hard to have a couple fight his mother as the audience.

20 minutes later he and I had made up. Okaasan had forgotten about it.
We all watched TV.

And that really is the most exciting thing about Okaasan at home here. Hence no blogging.
Our life has been full: jazz festival, kayak lesson, friends, beer festivals, a live rat in the house (cat present), gardens...
Okaasan has slept and snoozed thru her days. Gone out for walks. Eaten meals. Not caused any problems.
Random conversations. Forgotten memories, dirty room, long fingernails....

It is her birthday next week. We are planning a crab dinner. I should get her to a hair salon before that. 

It is good though: that our family life is now just a routine, that there is nothing to blog about.

So. As this is the Internet: Your Daily Cat. Two for good luck.

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  1. I understand your frustration. I've been a widow for 28 years, but still can remember "those moments!" Glad everything settled down. I'm sure the heat doesn't help. Take care.