Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Mammoth BBQ held - most of the contents of Costco eaten and drunk.
Guests happy. Hosts happy.
Okaasan - mellow.

It's the best year yet with our BBQ - the actual event was a great party, and how Okaasan dealt with the intrusion into her routine.

We ordered a lunch box delivery around 11.30, so she could sit calmly in the kitchen and eat. Then she was making plans to "escape" - all the usual illogical reasons - guests don't want to see an old lady, I don't want to do greetings.....
I tried the old arguments: it is outside in the garden, you can be in your room as usual watching TV and go out for your usual walk later....now is hot etc etc....

By 12.15 she was out the door - nervously forced to do greetings with DS's ski school boss, his wife and their children, and then she was off. Escaped.
I worried a little because it was very early still, and she doesn't have the energy to stay out until evening. Would she sit in a neighborhood park or stand watching the house...wanting to come back? Would she be brought home by a friendly restaurant owner? All of that has happened in the past.

Sometime, mid-afternoon she came home. Tired, but ok.
Maybe about 3 pm - I was in mid-party mode, so I have no idea. Suddenly a guest said: "Yujiro's mother!! and there was Okaasan pushing her way thru the guests to get to the front door....
I took her inside, made her tea, closed the window against the noise and got the TV on to distract her.
She settled. At 7 pm I made her a simple dinner - chatted to her in the kitchen. Guests were already leaving. She didn't get angry with us or them.
She seemed very mellow.

A good day.

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  1. So glad things turned out ok. BBQ sounded fun and Okaasan seemed to be ok. I admire you for your kindess, patience and love you show to your MIL.