Friday, 13 November 2015

6 days and counting....

He's gone.
I've got the letter. Three copies in case she loses it.
I've had my hair cut.
The cats are booked in for the pet hotel.

Okaasan doesn't know what delights are ahead for her.

I'll get her to have a bath today or tomorrow.
I'll try and get a few more clothes out of her room and cleaned.
Take her to the hair salon on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile my brain is going into overdrive about what MIGHT happen...the other night I had a dream where I was in the kitchen and DS was leaving at the front door while Okaasan had washed ALL my clothes and her own clothes and laid them out on the kitchen floor to dry...the bathroom was full of wet clothes, the sink area...and I had to shower and rush to work.
Okaasan-in-the-dream was telling me that this was the correct way to dry clothes and wouldn't let me pick anything up....

I also have a worry that she will actually refuse to go on the trip at all: because "I am sick"/ "I don't want to meet people"/ "I have nothing to wear".
With pop concert tickets, flights and hotels booked I will have to leave her. Get dayservice to come in and care for her and leave without her...
Actually that would be a better trip....

So. You can see I am in a very relaxed mood pre-trip.

Sunday evening at dinner. Okaasan will learn what exciting things are about to happen.
May the force be with me.



  1. Wow, good luck to you both. So exciting. Please let us know how it goes! Sincerely, Nancy in Tokyo

    1. It will all be a hassle to get her prepared for going and get her there...but I am looking forward to seeing her enjoy herself in HER hometown.

  2. What a wonderful DIL you are. Try and enjoy the trip. Please let us know how the trip goes. Wishing you luck!