Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Valentine's....

All I really wanted was - a break.

And I got it. Chocolate can be another time. By now I am December and January done of solo house, cats and Okaasan care. It's feeling loooong.

Ski season will continue busy for another few weeks. So he'll be away.

But Saturday night he was home - and on Valentine's Day he gave me: supervising his mother for bathtime and washing her hair. And then he took her out to lunch and left me happily wallowing in my pajamas with the TV.
I gave him? I finally persuaded Okaasan to let me cut her finger nails, which were yellow and long and starting to curl! She put me off twice - "I'm busy putting on face cream!...I'm looking for my big scissors..", but finally I marched in with an old newspaper for the talon bits and two pairs of cutters - sat down on the carpet next to her, took her hand firmly and started cutting away.

She actually told me at one point that Japanese people don't worry so much about long nails, as foreigners do....but I think she meant Japanese bears don't worry too much...

Anyway, a few months of growth was cut back successfully. It is such a personal thing to do for someone: cutting their finger nails.

And that was our Valentine's Day. I stayed in my pajamas. He did family duty lunch...and we watched a lot of TV.
Monday morning he drove away again for another week.

The cat is out of his big collar, but still in the house until his wounds really heal. I bought rat poison to try and kill what he is hunting.....slightly worried he will eat a poisoned rat...but the poison is meant to be quick if I keep him in for at least another week....I don't think cats would go near a sick/dieing or dead rat.

Sorry. You can see my obsession  at the moment. How to protect my furball.


  1. Replies
    1. :-) that's what came to mind as I clipped away...I felt like an Animal Planet documentary about a wildlife vet attending to a tranquilized bear...

  2. Happy that you got a nice break. Caretending is hard work and stressful. You amaze me how everything gets down at home and you work!!! Take it easy(if you can). Glad the cat is better.

    1. I amaze myself! Thankyou. When Okaasan dies and my caring job stops I wonder what i'll do with all the time? Write a best seller? Study Japanese? more wordgames on facebook?

  3. When my Dad died several years ago, I was in the same place. Didn't know how to fill my time, but life goes on. Okaasan is so fortunate to have a caring and loving person in her life. Take care.