Monday, 7 March 2016

Aches and pains


Still here. Thankyou for waiting.

Of course, Dear Son finally came home from the busiest part of the ski season. He came home for a few days...and that became a few more days....and now it's been almost 2 weeks of him home: taking charge of shopping, cooking and Okaasan.
I can focus on work. And going to the gym. And my taxes. And friends. And cats....and ME.

Okaasan hasn't been so great since last week. She complains sometimes of pain in her lower back/side. She hasn't eaten a few meals. Taken a long time to stand up and get to the toilet. The room smells as if she didn't reach the toilet in time a few times.
We don't think it is a serious problem. Maybe the way she sleeps/rests - half sitting and laying down on the carpet. On her side, under the heated table blanket. Not the best position. But after 8 years of that...too late to change her habit.

Dear Son used his considerable charm (it's in there when he isn't farting and slurping beers by the TV) and persuaded her to stand up and come and eat a bit. Cajoled her gently into a bath and hair wash. Tempted her with a lunch out and walk. The model of firm patience.

While he was out I blitzed her room. Vacuumed. Put air freshener everywhere. Threw open windows, Cleared the sofa and put a new clean cover down. Scooped up all the clothes for washing.
When Okaasan came home I told her I'd done it - in case she complains about me moving or stealing her things. But she just thanked me and accepted it. I don't think she is so aware of her room surroundings now.

My birthday is coming this weekend: FIFTY FIVE years old!!!!

We are hoping to go away for one night skiing. The cats are booked into cat hotel hell. Day service are booked to come and feed Okaasan in the evenings. Lunch boxes are booked. We hope this back pain isn't anything major.

The roads are still bad. The side roads specially near the house, snow and ice. Okaasan can't go out walking alone for at least another month. A little bit more of winter to go.
Where will she go to this year? As far as the Seicomart and Seiyu? Or will that be too far? Will she venture downtown on the subway? 2016....what will her routine be?


  1. So hope you can have a fun birthday adventure. Sorry the she isn't feeling well. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Many happy returns.