Friday, 25 March 2016

Escaping the day care

I'm at work.
Dear Son is in the mobile phone shop getting a good deal.
It's Wednesday and the day care worker arrives at our house for Okaasan's weekly shopping trip.

No Okaasan.
She is out. Gone.

Day care lady telephones DS in a panic: "your mother isn't in the house!"


An hour or two earlier Okaasan had said to DS: "I'll go out today!"
He'd told her:"Well, don't go out yet, the day service lady is coming at wait for her".

Yeah. Right.


1) Okaasan forgot the details of that conversation and just followed her inclination to go out out.
2) she thought "No way, I don't need  a care worker" and decided to go out on her own.

I am guessing 2). Cos I am mean. 1) is charitable.

This is the hard overlap season. There IS still snow in Sapporo. We actually had a 5 cm snowfall the other day (see pic) and the smaller roads are still messy with ice and snow. Not ideal for Okaasan and her walks. The day care visit is reserved for another two weeks. And also Dear Son is home much more, so it is strange too that we are paying a woman to come in and take Okaasan out - DS could of course do that. But he doesn't know his ski schedule. Nobody knows the weather at the end of March.

So the day care is reserved until the 2nd week of April.
But on this Wednesday when Okaasan looked out - it was sunny and the road immediately outside the house had no snow.

So she went.
Didn't take her telephone. So couldn't be tracked. On purpose? Naah...I am crediting her with two much guile....

Day service lady and DS hunted around the local shops a little. But DS was sure Okaasan had gone off downtown on the he finally told the lady to go back to her office and that we would accept responsibility for the missing old lady.

Luckily she DID come home safely about 3 hours later. She WAS wearing her hat and coat. She hadn't fallen over. All ok.

When DS told her day service came  and were surprised she was out - Okaasan just made the vague apology words, the noises you make to be polite without any real meaning behind them.

I know that once upon a time she would have been mortified to have inconvenienced someone like that. Somebody coming to the house expecting to meet her. But now she has no guilt or sense of propriety about that situation? Just that she wanted to go out. Didn't want the day care lady. So just went?

I guess so.
Focus on self and the immediate need.

I can't wait until I am in my 80s and have diminished social skills...I'll be horrible!

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  1. So glad to hear that DS was home and you did not have to deal with finding her. Also so glad she was found OK.