Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Everyday is Alzheimer's - fan club!

A year ago I was busy working to bring two Japanese documentary films for a special screening to Sapporo and struck very lucky to have the director Yuka Sekiguchi agree to come and do a short talk show about her films.

Now she is launching a group to exchange information about dementia thinking care and services.

You can find out more information on this link.

EIA Friendship Association

AND she is working on the 3rd and final film.....final? Maybe....


  1. Yesterday there was a segment on tv about dementia and the director, her mother and the documentary were introduced on it. I thought of you and Okaasan when I saw it. It seems like dementia is getting mor notice these days in Japan.

    1. Yes - saw that too! It was funny to see Sekiguchi-san on TV when I've sat next to her in an izakiya and chatted last year. Famous person. On her Facebook page she also showed us wonderful pictures of her mother watching the TV show herself and laughing and enjoying it all - which is kind of strange really - that her mum understands and enjoys the whole being-famous-for-having-dementia-experience. My Okaasan will hardly admit it to herself, no way the world beyond the kitchen! If you can find Yuka Sekiguchi on Facebook it's a lovely way of following day to day life with her mum.