Thursday, 26 May 2016

Question. Reply. Question. Reply....Question...

Agggghhhhhh morning....

Okaasan has a bee in her bonnet - and excellent phrase for dementia - about the prepaid card for elderly subway users.

For some reasonTHAT is her worry of the moment. Yesterday. And again this morning.

Driving us nuts.

She worries that the pass is out of date or can't be used. That she must buy a ticket.
Doesn't matter how often we say: "No, the card is fine. Just put it in the ticket gate. Don't buy a ticket. You never need to buy a ticket".

On and on and on and on.

Finally we wrote out the above phrase and taped it and the prepaid card together. Gave her both and closed the door of her room. She is there now - looking at the Tv- and then glancing back at the card/handwritten note in her hand...and away again - on a 1 minute or less cycle.

Aghhh....he has escaped to work. I will shortly. Okaasan may start asking the cats for their advice when we are gone.

Oh the stress. For all of us.

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