Monday, 9 May 2016


Something happened to Okaasan last night. But, with this dementia-thingy it is impossible to know WHAT.
I ask in a very general way and get a vague answer. Which may hold a clue. Or not.

But she sits at the dinner table, obviously exhausted and stressed. Refuses food, and then eats it when it is put within reach. Needs three prompts to get up and start the tea-making process. Looks confused. Exhausted.


She went out late afternoon. Sunny, not so windy. Good walking conditions.
By 6.45 pm it was dark and dinner was almost ready. DS is working evenings at the moment, so I am the Provider, Decider etc
GPS shows me that she is down near our local station. So, heading home. 
I finish the dinner preps. Wait. wait.
7.20 pm she still hasn't arrived. It usually takes her about 15-20 mins to walk from the station. Check GPS again. She is STILL in the same a shop? Sitting by the side of the road tired? Lost?
I went and got her in the car. Found her on one of the roads heading home. Walking shakily home, with a heavy magazine and a brain training word puzzle (!!!!) game book in a bag. But so, so tired.

"I walked all that way..." is the only information I can get. Did she get lost and walk up and down the station area street, instead of coming home?

I was extra kind and sweet at the dinner table. Gave her some chat about my Couch Surfers who were going all the way to Tokyo by bus, chatted about the cats, cherry blossoms - chat chat chat. She brightened a little. Ate something. Made herself tea after a lot of prompting.

But. Hmm.. I wonder what happened?
I grumble about my life with Okaasan a lot. Hell, I have a whole blog about it! But I DO care and worry. I don't want her to feel scared or stressed, and when she is down I worry and wonder.

Anyway. Big public holiday time - known as Golden Week - is finished here. I had a wonderful time and here are some pictures to celebrate that. Cherry blossoms, spring, hikes, kayaking, Couch Surf guests, friends, movies.....OH! and auditioned for a job on TV and didn't get it....probably best really, I don't have the time to be a star too ;-)


  1. You are a lovely dial.
    Looks like you went to some lovely places during GW. Funnily enough, I was just talking about the place in the last photo to a friend in Shimane last weekend.

    1. That place - Moss Canyon at Lake Shikotsu - is officially closed now. Two years ago there was heavy rain and the bottom of the canyon collapsed. But...naught gaijin like me (plus two equally naughty gaijin Couch Surfers) - WE could ignore the signs and climb up over the rocks and get into the canyon. Lovely. But it does look unstable and if there is more heavy rain or an earthquake - i think it would collapse more.