Saturday, 25 June 2016

Me Bad.


My birth country people voted to rupture Europe asunder yesterday.
And I'm not happy.
Watched it all unfold on the BBC website with the fan shaped graphic and the blue wedge of the "Leave" votes growing and growing.......between Friday classes...and then dumbstruck at lunchtime.
Still can't believe it.

In the evening I got the e mail telling me I'd been successful in getting really, really expensive and great seats at the Budokan concert in September when Queen and Adam Lambert will rupture ear drums in Tokyo. First Queen concert after 31 years in Tokyo. Going to MASSIVE. Can't believe my online lottery application was a success. 
I had even changed my American holiday plans to make sure to be in Tokyo for the concert!! Cancelled and rebooked flights, stay, plans. Lost money on that.....
But I am GOING!!!!!!!! And will probably be in Adam's lap for this ticket price...

So. Lots of stuff happening.

And Okaasan.

Me Bad........

On Thursday our babysitter broke down.
Okaasan's Tv stopped working.
Just as I was going to work. Okaasan and me in her room, me wrapped in a bath towel. Trying everything with the remote controller, the dusty cords behind the TV, the buttons...all no go. Zilch.
Okaasan and the TV. It's a unit. She lives in front of the TV. It's on 24-7. Only switched off at meal times and when she goes out.
Leaving her for a day without TV was like leaving her cut loose from a familiar, loved carer. She started saying: "I'll go out. I don't need TV" - so - still in my bath towel - I started reheating her lunch food and serving it. Wanted to make sure she ate before heading out.

Finally rushed off to work. Having changed from the bath towel to clothes.
left Okaasan with silence and a long day ahead.
Wondered how she would manage.

Dear Son got home around 6 pm.
Okaasan was at home. In her pajamas. Maybe hadn't been out - because she is usually in clothes if she's been out - and sad because she'd had a toilet accident...and confused because toilet wouldn't flush.....

He investigated.
Finally realized the electricity in her room and the toilet wasn't working. Then found the breaker switch was flipped. Why had that circuit shorted? She'd pissed on the electric carpet and shorted it all? Seemed strange...her room and the toilet seem to be on the same circuit.

Anyway. He got the electricity going again and the Tv etc. Okaasan was okayish...didn't eat much dinner and slept usual in front of the blaring TV. She had got thru what was a big break from her usual routine. Relief for us.

Forward an hour or two and we are getting ready for bed.
I stretch out and mentally review the day. Stuff I managed to do, things I must do tomorrow.

Cleaned the garden a bit, cut the grass round the wildflowers....sent that e mail....made that list...

Cut the grass.
With the electric cutters. With the long electric cord. Plugged into the toilet socket.
Did that before I went to work.
In my rush I CUT the electric cord with the blades!
There was a popping sound and big fiz. I dropped it with a small scream.
Everything stopped.

Yes. Me. I shorted the toilet....Okaasan's room....the Tv......etc etc,




  1. wow. that could've turned out a disaster in so many ways-- for you, for your house. I'm glad you're okay. Good lesson for me too.

    1. Absolutely! I have always been careful with the electric cords and the cutter in the garden...but rushing to finish before you do....thankfully only a ruined electric cord and Okaasan had a slightly strange day. :-)

  2. Brexit was so close, so many people didn't vote, and a lot of people who voted 'leave' didn't appreciate what it really meant. I say they should do it over.

    Congrats on the tickets.

    Glad that the garden incident didn't result in electrocution.