Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hi. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This will be a short post.
Cos I am tired. So tired.

Systems of care are balancing acts - and when something shifts the whole thing gets pretty precarious.

So, our life recently has been dominated by the cat and his leg injury.
No sleep. Barriers and doors and gates around the house. Walking under supervision. Stress. Work schedules all in confusion.

We did it because we love our cats. But it was hard.

Throw into that a big work project...

I am a writer on the travel website Trip Advisor. It's volunteer work. But from that I sometimes get work from local government to help with tourism seminars with local tourist office staff - advising about how to catch and help foreign customers.
One such event was meant to be this Thursday to Saturday. Centered around me giving a 30 min speech in Japanese. And then fun parts of sea kayaking to see seals and visiting the Japan Racing Association head stables.
A lot of work to prepare for that. Specially with the cat and tiredness. Last minute panic. Japanese lesson to check the speech. Haircut. Pack the suitcase. Prepare. Rearrange my classes.
 Went off to teach the last two classes before leaving on an four hour bus trip to that area.

Then it was all cancelled due to heavy rain and flooding. Cancelled. Hours to go and cancelled. Local town office staff of course busy with evacuation centers and flooding.
Actually so happy. I was/am still - SO energy to sparkle in public. I can make the speech better and maybe go next time with more energy and enjoyment.

And the cat?
The vet had a look at the leg after 2 weeks of our endless home care...and said: the bone isn't healing well...not straight. He's been too active..... It's better if he stays here for cage rest. Forced stay in on place.

We are so sad. Our fur-baby has to stay in the vets for a week.

But now. I can sleep. We can watch TV programs undisturbed. I can vacumn. Take down the barriers all over the house.

and sleep.

Okaasan - ok.
We had a family trip to the local shopping mall yesterday. Lunch and walk.
Usually I hate those trips. So boring. Yesterday my brain could just about function at that level. It was a relief to do only that.


Going to prepare Okaasan's lunch now. And go to bed for the afternoon.


  1. So sorry to hear about your fur-baby... but also sounds like a blessing in disguise. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thankyou。
      Just glad that everything with Okaasan is fine at the moment...but as I say, these life balances are crises at a time please!