Saturday, 31 December 2016

Another year over...

Getting to be a custom this.

Last night of the old year. Here - alone - with wine and chocolate, the Tv show on Japanese TV. 

Probably won't make it to midnight. Too old.

Today was good.. I went to my favorite ski resort. Enjoyed long, long runs...met various young, friendly Chinese boarders and skiers. Caught Pokemons. Did the last shopping of the year on my way home. Dear Son hopes to be home tomorrow night.

Cooked Okaasan noodles and herring and veggies. Pretty successful this year. Made sure her TV was off the shopping channel and settled her down with the singing entertainment that ushers in a new year for Japan.

So. Here she is. Survived another year of care by casual neglect with her youngest son and the foreign girlfriend. 86 years old and hanging on.
A definite decline mentally and physically this year. But hanging on. I think she is happy, mostly. I hope so!

Thankyou for reading this blog this year. It's been very patchy in 2016. A bit boring. But I keep on. I am much more relaxed now in my role of daughter in law/carer. Better at ignoring the stuff that doesn't matter. Just letting her be. Kinder? I hope so...

Happy New Year from me and the cats...

Tonight millions of Japanese will go to shrines to pray for health and happiness in 2017. I hope to be healthier in 2017 (after I've finished off all the Christmas chocolate), and I hope to do more kayaking/hiking/travelling.

So. Feeling fat and sleepy.....certainly won't make it to midnight! 
See you in 2017.


  1. Happy New Year my dear. You did a wonderful job in 2016. Here's to a wonderful 2017! Tchin-tchin!


    1. Thankyou! Happy New Year to you too! If the cats can survive 2017 without major, expensive injury - it will be a good one...

  2. Been following you for sometimes. Lurkers as you call us. Peeping out to wish you Happy 2017 from damp and cold London. I salute you and have the utmost respect for the care you have given Okaasan. It is no easy task

    1. Amazing. Thankyou. Happy New Year to you too in dear old London (I was born in Putney!). Many years ago I was a newspaper journalist, so I write for an audience I never see. But even so, it STILL amazes me that I write a personal thing like a blog and people, somewhere in the world read it. Whatever Trump says, computers are incredible things at how they link people.

  3. Been following your blog for sometimes. Lurkers as you call us. Peeping out to wish you Happy 2017 from cold and damp London. I salute you and have the utmost respect for you for the care you have given Okaasan. It cannot be an easy task.

  4. Late to say Happy New Year! I've been following along since nearly the beginning I think...I always feel amazed by how well you seem to manage Okaasan, especially these days.

  5. Happy New Year. Just returned yesterday from Kagoshima. Spent time with son, DIL and GS. Amazing good times.

    Wishing you the best in 2017. Admire and respect how you are a wonderful, loving caregiver.