Thursday, 20 April 2017


I just diapered my mother-in-law.
And I'm feeling flushed with success.

I caught her just as she was leaving the toilet early morning. I followed her back into her room and showed her the new diapers.

"Maybe it's a good time to change these?"
"Why? Did I wet myself? I didn't, did I?"
"I don't know, but you wear these now in case you do - and you haven't changed for a few days. maybe fresh is nicer?"

I pulled up a chair, sat her on it, gently took off her pajamas...and pants (Oh...NOT diapers, that means there are soiled diapers somewhere in the room...) and helped her put on the fresh diapers.

"Did I wet myself? I don't think so?" she actually fingered the crotch area of her pants and showed it to kids who pick up interesting bits of sick seconds after vomiting....YUK

But success.

She is just more passive now. Really. If you talk her gently into an action, as though this is a normal thing, we always do etc etc...and then she just follows.

Busy week at work - knee getting better - holding it all together with the help of convenience store food. 

But thought I'd share that big success with you! Cos I know you were waiting to hear...

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  1. Well done! my 2 year old is currently going through the reverse process and learning to use the will be very pleasant to be nappy free after 3 children and years of washing nappies. (but maybe not too many years before I need to do something similar for my own mother..her mother had dementia and I do sometimes wonder if she will be heading down the same road-odd things she says/forgetting things etc. Reading your blog is not only entertaining but also educational-thank you!)
    I do hope that if ever I am an old lady with dementia that I have someone as lovely as you to care for me.