Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to diaper

To diaper.

I think it must be a verb.

Next week Dear Son will escape south to a warm country with cherry blossoms, leaving me and my recovering knee to manage life at home...and his mother...and her diapers.
While he is arranging to sell the family home....

Adult diapers. Somehow, amazingly - he has managed to get her to start wearing them. After a series of toilet accidents he gently explained that it would be a big help to him if she would consider wearing them.

So, every other day he goes into her room and encourages her to change diapers. 

Next week it'll be my turn.
He and I practiced what and how I should say it. How I should get Okaasan standing, open the diapers at carpet level and ask her to step inside....then leave her to pull them up. Retain some dignity in this topic. She doesn't change them herself - takes off the old ones sometimes and leaves them around the room - - anywhere but the diaper bin we've placed near the door....

Anyway. My task - one of many, next week.

And day service finished for this winter. 
On Saturday Dear Son let his mother go walking alone! Considering she was getting lost and confused last year, this was a brave...or lazy...move.
But he stayed home and tracked her on the mobile phone GPS. And went out in the car to rescue her when she ran out of walking steam.

I can't walk with her yet. My walking is limited to about 20 steps from car to shop and back again.
But I can let her go out alone and track her progress.


Last night I went in to Okaasan's room to close her curtains...told her food would be ready soon.

"I'm not eating!
"Oh? Are you ok? Why?"
"I don't eat in the morning..."

"It isn't morning. It's 7 pm....dinner time...."
"Oh? Is it???"

I guess my routine is to often go into her room in the morning and OPEN the curtains - so the scenario fit. But it was quirky all the same.


  1. Can't you hire day service for this week while he is away to walk with her? I am really worried about you and your knee.


    1. It's ok. She doesn't go out walking alone these days - hasn't for 6 months or more - she waits to ask us if it is ok to go out. So I can make sure he has the telephone. And then track her on GPS, and then go and get her in the car from the local place she reaches. AND I can just hide her shoes from the entrance hall - then, even if she thinks she might go out - she would give up soon.

    2. Hide her shoes! :-)) I love that!


    3. Smoke and would confuse her enough to make her put off going out...and later a little white lie can"find" the shoes under the entrance hall chair..

  2. Good luck this week. Hope you don't overdo on your knee. Maybe the weather will cooperate and be rainy!
    You are the BEST! I did for my own mother years ago, but nothing to the extent you do. Take care of your knee.

    1. Thankyou. I won't overdo the knee. It gives me pain when I do.