Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Finally. Hospital.

Help has arrived. Finally.

Dear Son finally got real and agreed that a hospital should look at his 86 year old mother who is groaning in pain in diapers on the soiled living room carpet.....finally.

I'm relieved.

True: yesterday she did manage to sit up for a short time and drink tea. And she lay down again on the other side. And she ate some rice and milk. All we don't think it's a huge emergency.


She stayed in the same position on the carpet after that. As we tried to change the diapers again this morning she was crying out in pain and slapping us away....

And Dear Son looked at me. And I sighed. And he agreed.
What IS it with him and this hospital aversion? Why oh why? He pressures me to take the cats to the vets if they have the slightest problem - why won't he respond naturally for his own mother?

As the ambulance staff were taking notes and checking Okaasan - one of them asked me about the situation.

"Saturday? She fell on Saturday? Why did you call us today???"

Why indeed. I felt guilty. While I don't wish bad things on Okaasan, I hope a doctor or somebody says to Dear Son: you should have brought her here earlier. Why didn't you?

Okaasan was ok with the ambulance guys. Didn't remember the fall and the past 4 days of course. But grudgingly agreed that maybe an X-ray was a good idea etc. She let them take her. They talked kindly and professionally.

So. They've gone. I have a big day of work ahead. 7 classes and stuff. 

And a really soiled carpet to take to the dry cleaners. Finally.


  1. I'm relieved for you. Hope she recovers without having to spend too much time in the hospital. I didn't know ambulance personnel wear helmets.

  2. I am glad to hear that. Like you, I do not understand him. I hope the doctor or a social server gives him a good scold. I hope there is not a fracture. Keep us posted.


  3. So glad she is in hospital. There is only so much you can do. Hope son will agree to whatever is needed.

  4. Dear Son is probably just trying to do what he thinks his mother wants him to do. He may make another decision if it was you or himself.

  5. I'm glad she is going to the hospital. I think your husband has never really accepted Okaasan's condition. I wish the doctors would scold him.