Monday, 19 June 2017

And then....

First of all - that's a picture of my weekend :-)

Rented a bike in a mountain village and cycled for 5 hours. Saw flowers, listened to birds, ate icecream, met a wood sculptor, got sunburned.

Also enjoyed time with my man : homemade hamburger in the garden, sushi, movies on TV.

And. Booked airtickets for a UK holiday in September.

And then...

Saturday he went to see Okaasan.
He came home crushed.
After two visits when she seemed to be happy and good. This time, she was angry, shouting and NOT happy. The nurses warned him before they met, but he was still shocked.
He really feels it. To see his mum like this. Wondering if she will ever be "herself" again. Will she ever be able to come home and be happy with us?

For the first time we talked about what will happen if she DOESN'T come home. She will have to be in a care home. And us? We live in a big old house that is expensive for just the two of us. Questions about the future - should I move my English school here? Should we explore Airbnb?

And then....

The real estate agent called.
There is a buyer for the family house in Saitama. A good enough price. If it all goes through Okaasan will need to know about the brother "moving to somewhere smaller"/house sale etc and sign the documents to sell.
While we thought that would be possible for Okaasan to understand and agree to one month ago. Now is totally different. What timing....

Now, if she is told her house is being sold? What would that do to her mental state? Would she understand and be able to really make a decision? It doesn't sound promising. It's unfair to make the house buyers wait too long.

Discussions are taking place...DS may have to consult a lawyer to get the legal right to make decisions on behalf of his mum. Another complication he doesn't need in his brain right now. I am being gentle and supportive to him. Poor guy.

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  1. Given the circumstances, I feel it would be appropriate for you husband to obtain the legal rights to make decisions on her behalf.