Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Positive...but shackled..

Sorry for my sad rant yesterday. If I can't let it all out here, where can I?

DS will meet the doctor later this week....to see if the shackles are really necessary at all times....etc etc. It just seems so harsh. What is the worst she is going to do? Rattle the door handle and shout at the staff? I guess if they have lots of patients rattling door handles....


DS went to the hospital on Sunday. Okaasan was in a good place mentally. He sat with her for an hour in her bedroom. They looked at photographs of her trip to Kenya, they looked at pix of that family trip to Kawagoe we did 2 years ago (when her brother and son were alive)...and she recognised me in the pictures. And didn't hurl it across the room in rage.

That's progress.

So. DS says he hopes for at least a clear week of mental happiness before even starting to consider what happens next. The hospital originally said one month to get the drug balance good. Now it is 2 weeks....

And so.

Oh my. I hope I am never, ever shackled to a bed...never....never...


  1. As you say, if you can't let it out here... And your emotions and reactions are completely reasonable. None of us would like to be in Okasaan's place. But then if the hospital thinks it's appropriate - for now at least - all you can do is monitor and question, as you are doing. It's going to be a long month, but let's hope her mood settles more and options become clearer. THinking of all three of you

    1. Thankyou! It's a strange time - a happy, unusual freedom to just live day to day freely - but guilty feelings and worry about what she is feeling.