Monday, 31 July 2017

Next stage...

Okaasan will change hospitals this week - to a physical therapy hospital. For the last stay to get her really prepped for coming home. Maybe 2 weeks there? 3?

She IS getting better day by day. Yesterday I went to see her, without DS so he could have a break from hospital visits.
She was very alert and friendly, happy. I took her a magazine with a free bag present. Opened the present for her and she was so happy with the bag she immediately put it round her neck and kept showing it to me and explaining its design points!

I also took a coffee  from a convenience store, and we sat sipping coffee in a friendly way.
When the nurses brought the wheelchair for the toilet visit - Okaasan could ALMOST stand unaided to move from bed to chair, and on return was even better.

All good.
Modern medicines are amazing - that her natural state would be that angry, shouting old lady - suspicious and delusional. The drugs have made her like this. Incredible.
I have a glimpse into the future that she CAN come home again and we CAN look after her. It won't be the same as before, she will have less independence - we will have to take her out more....I have no idea how the winter will be - can he work and leave me for weeks alone looking after her with just day service care? 
We'll see.....

We went to see the new hospital on Friday.
Not a great visit - he and I were still angry with eachother about the drinking and his fall. It was raining. I had a 3 hours block of time between classes - we visited Okaasan and then the new hospital and the social worker.
Lots of mis-information. Mistakes. Confusion about where to park the car. Shouting and stress. I never actually got to see the room because the introductory meeting went on for so long....didn't make for a happy Friday.

Anyway. a calmer weekend. A lot of sleep. A walk in the park and flowers. My foot condition is a little better? Maybe? The doctor is trying new medicine. I am being ultra-careful at home clean socks and dry surfaces. Every morning I help DS dress HIS wound. He started work again...with a baseball cap and sunglasses to hide the 5 stitches above his eye.

Onwards. August starts is Okaasan's birthday next weekend. I guess we'll do something at the new hospital....or she will be allowed out in a wheelchair for a restaurant visit?


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  1. Sounds like things are looking up. I hope things continue to improve.