Sunday, 9 July 2017


Sweltering with 27C here at 9 pm...pretty I can't sit near the computer very long.

Okaasan had another good week. The new meds seem to suit her. DS went to visit midweek, and we went together on saturday.

She was in a wheelchair...but calm...kind of over calm...just watching our faces and smiling a bit...looked at photo album...made a few comments...didn't recognise a picture of her late husband. Passive. 

I guess this is the new Okaasan. I miss the livelyness....but don't miss the rage and anger and paranoia.

Social worker and DS talked about how things might be if Okaasan comes home - 5 days a week she would go to day service.. and we'd care for her at weekends. Need to do more about her walking. Not at all sure about the brain fluid draining operation - some friends tell me it can be really good....I don't know....another hospital...more poking and prodding...more strange faces and places...

And...finally. DS is going to see the lawyer I introduced to discuss becoming the legal guardian thingy for Okaasan. He still isn't sure she can sign all the necessary house documents...and understand. He said he mentioned the house to her...that it was empty and that they should sell it...she just responded in a general way...did she even know WHICH house? No mention of oldest brother...

Anyway. He will go and get legal advice and see what he should be doing. It isn't just one document...but several....official papers are registered in the wrong place. The buyer is being patient.

Sorry. Too hot and sweaty here...going off to sit somewhere cooler,

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  1. Glad to hear meds have helped. Happy to know she is good hospital and doctors are responding to your questions. This morning on THE TODAY SHOW, a piece was done on a Gerda Saunderses. She wrote a book Memory's Last Breath. The interview was wonderful. She's only 61 and had been a college Professor.
    Several internet interviews with her and family. Very brave lady. Thinking of you.