Monday, 12 February 2018

The bits of a person's life....

Two blogs in one weekend.
This'll be bumped up the Google logo-whatsits as an "Active" site, soon.
And then our Russian-bot friends will be shortly joining us!

Anyway. Anyhoo...I am watching Fargo the TV series and everyone in Minnesota says "Anyhoo".

I am sorting thru OKaasan's stuff again. Yet again. I certainly know her stuff better than she does. Sorting thru the clothes, the shoes, the Hawaiian dance silk flowers and skirts....oh the BAGS!!! the bags!!!!

Why? Cos I am masochist on a snowy public holiday morning? It's the choice between this, or my taxes.

Really, I need to make her two rooms less like a place where an old lady might pop back in at anytime, and more welcoming for guests this side of 80 years old.. Also - there is still stuff she is never, ever going to use/need again. After she dies we'll have to get rid of it. May as well have another thinning-out session now.

I did a good job. Three hours of sorting and ditching.
Now it is boiled down to:
- a few bits of jewelry
- the photo albums
- a few clothes/shoes - if we ever get her out of the carehome and into fresh air

I've got a few nice bags to pass on to the guy who auctions them online, bits and pieces I might use. Maybe important documents for Dear Son. LOTS of Hawaiian stuff for the recycle shop. Nice bits of material for a student who sews.

And 4 bags of trash.

An excellent morning's work.

You should do it. Yes - YOU!! When you become infirm or die, someone is going to paw thru your stuff and ditch a lot of it. Wouldn't you rather it be you doing the pawing?
I'm reminded of Dad and Jane's house full of stuff. Oh god - of all the stuff Dear Son and I have here.....

And in other news: yesterday I spent an hour with Okaasan. Basially drinking coffee and looking out the window, commenting on whether the snow was less or the sunshine was more. A toilet visit. And a failed attempt to get her to walk with the walking frame - she started to get bolshy with me. Her whole demeanor changed, from bright and chatty and happy to slumped and obstinate.
"No, I don't want to walk using that....I'm old, old people should take it easy..."

So I gave up. Wheeled her back to the community lounge where the staff appeared to think that a room of elderly wanted to watch Olympic snowboarding on the TV.
The black pants both seem to be fitting well - I am a successful personal shopper, and sorter outer.

Pretty achievement-filled weekend.

Oh! An Sapporo Snow Festival - look!!! Big event, I've been many times this year, Dear Son and I went to the kids play park together and I'm enjoying other local festivals too. The taxes can wait...


  1. Have you heard of the book "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning"? I haven't read it but I've been reading a lot about it lately. I have no one to go through my stuff after I die, so I'm thinking I should do more cleaning out now.

    1. Oh??? no...I'l Google it! Really, really it is essential to sort thru one's stuff and put things in order, because if you leave it too late you won't have the mental of physical energy to do the job. It takes so much energy. It's also the reason I firmly believe people should be living in their "last" home by the time they are 70. I have a 70plus friend here in Japan, who may one day go back to the US...but she has SO much stuff and I wonder how she (or us, her friends) will ever boil it all down to the necesary boxes of stuff to be shipped back...

  2. Well done, what does bolshy mean? Lol

    1. "Bolshy" I guess is a British term, means obstinate/bloody minded/difficult? I imagine it dates from Soviet history of the Bolsheviks??? Funny....hadn't thought, but it is a British term....

    2. Wow ok thanks! I'll add that to my vocab and try it on my British friends haha ;)

  3. Bolshy means not cooperating, doing the opposite.