Monday, 5 November 2018

Autumn ends...

Okaasan enjoys autumn. :-)

What could be more perfect? A seat in the sunshine with this view, a cup of coffee, loving family members and leaves/dogs/babies/happy people?

One of our city parks yesterday was glorious. Everyone was out to enjoy the day - which may be the last warm day of the year. We walked with the wheelchair around it and saw two of our friends (Okaasan had no idea who they were, but enjoyed the feeling of meeting someone). Okaasan was happy and smiley..very little conversation - apart from observations about sunshine and leaves...and cute dogs.
It was a lovely day.

And now? It's 4.30 am Monday...and HE and I are going on a couple holiday!!!!! Camping car trip in mainland we come!!!


  1. I'm so excited about your couple holiday! I hope you will share stories and photos along the way.

  2. Happy Vacation! Enjoy your trip. Eat delicious food and drink lots of wine!

  3. Nothing better than a walk in the park with the falling leaves.

    No one selling Dango?