Thursday, 29 January 2009

Asking for help.

My senior ladies class today got on my case.

They are a great bunch. About 8 women, mainly aged in their 60s and 70s. We have a lot of laughs, beer parties, nice Japanese-style year end dinners.
They have been very interested in this Okaasan situation, but I don't think any of them are readers of the Blog.
Today as the class got going they all ganged up on me and went on and ON about how Yujiro and I should be getting outside help. Going to the city welfare section and seeing what is available in the way of day care, meals, medical help etc.
We thought about this before. But what with his leg injury and the holidays, and the general stress of a new life - it got pushed away by the business of every day life.

The ladies were also adamant: don't move INTO the same house with Okaasan. Even two floors! Interesting that this age group think that. That two women (Okaasan and me) will have lots of stress with one kitchen etc, and all the privacy issues.

I came home and talked to Yujiro about it. He agreed I think. He is tired. He is also worried about his health and work future. And we both know that once he starts work this delicate balance we have at the moment will break. (I came home for 90 minutes between classes today and rushed out to do the shopping, because yesterday I skied and went to a friend's Birthday the shopping didn't get done).

We'll try to go and see the city welfare section next week. But we both think Okaasan is probably too physically fit to qualify for much help. And even more - she probably won't want to accept any help!

My Dad in England is the step-mum had real fights with him to get him to accept a homecare worker coming in to help her 3 days last week. Now she is feeling better and apparently is up and walking/eating again. But last week she sounded bad.

So. We'll try.

On a lighter note: I went to a local coffee shop the other night with some homestay guests from Hong Kong. One of them stayed at my English School. The coffee shop owner described homemade cheesecake to us: "it's got apples and orange on top, and the filling is made from lilly bulbs (luri-ne)!"

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revenge of the Lilly bulbs!!!!!!!!!!! They'll be back!
Actually it was quite nice as a cheesecake filling.
I'll know next time. If Okaasan ever buys them again.

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