Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Home sweet home???????

We found a house!

Here we are today looking at it. Yujiro and the estate agent (who so kindly helped Yujiro climb over the snow drifts to get to the front door!).


We were both amazed. Big, pretty good location. It has a new bath, sink and toilet unit. It has a garden. It has parking. It has upstairs for us. It has a tatami room for Okaasan. It has a big kitchen/dining room.
It's 5 minutes walk from Minami-Hiragishi subway station.

We have to think about this. We are both amazed. We have to think about the school...the location...and whether the owners would wait until April for Yujiro's leg to be strong enough to DO moving home. Because if he isn't walking...moving two homes (and school) would be a killer for me!

We have to think. But for now we have to have dinner.

Oh wow. I never thought we would find somewhere like this. It is very good. It feels scary. Like becoming real adults all of a sudden with a real house. A family home.


But. Our life is never that simple.

Also yesterday: at lunchtime one of Okaasan's brothers called to say that a younger brother is seriously ill in a Saitama hospital and last night my father called to say that my step-mother's leg is very bad. She is staying in bed and they are thinking about getting a nurse carer to come every day. Dad sounded so, so tired. He is 85 and he is doing the shopping, cooking, laundry and looking after the dog.

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