Saturday, 31 January 2009

A looong day.

Oh it's been a long day.

Constant toing and froing between the two houses. We are all tired.

We moved the clothes rail so she wouldn't use it to support her body weight, we tried to get her to stand by pushing up on the chair.

Okaasan slept a bit. Moaned a lot in pain. Didn't eat.
Late afternoon he sent me out to buy diapers. Three trips to the local drugstore later I finally bought the things he wanted..and then Okaasan refused to put them on. This was just after she'd failed to get to the toilet room again and had to use newspapers and tissues in the middle of the living room...

He got angry with her. She moaned and cried. He ended up throwing the diapers at her and shouting. Meanwhile I was on my knees in the bathroom unplugging the blocked drain.

We are so quickly reduced to tragic farce.

Anyway we all apologised. He started talking to her about dinner. She managed finally to sit upright and look at a delivery menu. They ordered a bowl of udon noodles for her.
She managed to walk to the bathroom. Standing up is very very hard for her.

Finally he came home here and we ate cheese fondue and drank a bottle of wine. Had an exhausted dinner together and talked quietly about outside help and future. Tomorrow I am going to see (maybe him too if he can get away for an hour) another house...I saw it from outside today. It's in Sumikawa. Nice neighborhood. Huge garden. Smallish rooms. Maybe old bathroom.

We just went in to check on Okaasan. She was curled up again on the carpet by the heater asleep. So we tiptoed out again.

He might sleep in her room tonight in case she tries to get to the bathroom tonight.

A long, long day.

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