Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"Our" house - chance again?

Just like a teenage love drama - the Minami Hiragishi house comes back into our lives again.
And we are all of a dither.

Sunday's estate agent called back yesterday to say: "The yellow house owner says 'No' to a cat, and in fact this owner has already said 'No' to about 30 people...they seem to want only doctors and lawyers in these houses!"

Then he and Yujiro talked some more. This company too has "our" house on its books. He asked us what kind of price we WOULD pay for it. We told him...he called the owner...for 15 minutes Yujiro and I pretended we were interested in washing tea cups and checking weather reports on TV...and then the agent called back...

The Minami Hiragishi house could be ours! For a new, lower price! And an April 1st move. And the cat is ok. AND we could have the key in March if we want to measure things and move some stuff in!

Eeeeekk! Good news at last? We hope!

We asked to have until Wednesday to decide. But....
Yujiro is doing a final search on the Internet for houses and there is one maybe nearer my school that is a possible, we may go see today...but... the Minami-Hiragshi house has been "our" house in conversation since we first saw it.

Fingers crossed please!

Okaasan of course doesn't know about all of this.
Her leg is still painful. But she can slowly get up and down from the carpet. She gets to the toilet and bathroom and she gets to the front door to pay the food delivery man. Last night she even talked about going to hula dancing on Wednesday, although I think that would be in car.

Yujiro's leg is also getting a bit better. The doctor said he should start gentle bending practice at home.

The cat's legs are as wobbly as ever. He looked over his shoulder at the dried food bag yesterday - lost his balance and fell over.

My legs are great. One of my charm points really. I got them from my mother!

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