Thursday, 30 July 2009

Cooked and blurghh...

Oyome-san cooked today to give Yujiro a break.

I used zucchini a student gave me and our own tomato harvest to make veggie spaghetti for lunch. We managed to keep Okaasan OFF the subject of Hula Dance.

For dinner I cheated and bought a packet at the supermarket, it's a Chinese thing of cold chicken slices on cucumber with a sesame sauce - served up with tofu and sweet corn, miso soup and rice. And again we stayed away from Hula Dance.

I went to the gym. But I only did the machines. My leg was swollen again and I couldn't face walking all the way down and up the stairs to and from the pool. Went to the hairdressers instead...and the homecare center to buy a small lawn mower. The grass is now so healthy it needs more than the handheld electric cutter! THAT'S a real lawn. All I need now is sunny weather to dry it out enough to cut it.

Okaasan went out walking a little. I dashed into her room while she was out and tidied out some of the old newspapers, the shopping receipts, the plastic's a real mess. I feel if we take out some of the stuff from the piles we'll stop it reaching the ceiling.

Called England to wish my Dad happy birthday - he is 86 years old. He'd been for a check-up and out to lunch with my step-aunt.
A little good news from my step-mum - the physiotherapists got her standing out of bed! Of course they were fully supporting her...and she only took one step to the next bed. But

Is it too much to hope? Is she actually going to make progress? My step-uncle went to see the doctors yesterday for a doctor to doctor conversation, so I'm waiting to hear what they think.


  1. I saw the pictures of your garden today, and I already thought: That grass is growing so well, you will need a lawn mower soon. But what I don't understand though: The garden of you neigbor looks so lush: Almost tropical! Is it the Hokkaido nature going berserk in summer, during the short time when it has the chance, or do I need to add some (artificial?) fertilizer to my own garden? I used compost from the compost heap we started last years, but my plants (especially in the vegetable garden this year) do not look nearly as good as her's! I can't stand it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the neighbor's really is good!
    She is a good gardener - she has lived there for 50 years and I am sure she has composted it well...when we saw the house and moved in it was snow covered, so it is a bonus to see how each month it changes.

    Even better - she comes across and gives me flowers sometimes...or asks me what to do with zuchini...cos someone gave her some plants and she has no idea how to cook them!

  3. Those old Japanese ladies can be so lovely... (I wish I had someone here who would give me zuchini because they didn't know what to do with them.) comes: We will have a couple of chicken here soon! Fresh eggs every morning! Chicken at least do not need fertilizer (or do they?). I will keep you informed as to their performance. (We will not have a rooster because of the neighbours.)