Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Getting the groove back

Everything is coming up roses! This is a great example of: if you don't have a great garden - borrow someone else's.....

I'm homestay hosting 22 planters of roses for the husband of one of my students. Their apartment building is being repainted and they had to clear their balcony. So these gorgeous plants have come to line our entrance area for 2 months - and I get to pick as many free roses as I like in exchange for careful watering and loving chat. (will they respond to my English accent?)

Getting back into the groove here, with much more energy and positive attitude than I had before my UK trip.

Okaasan seems fine. The pile of clothes on her sofa has grown several inches and she is still heading out for a walk at 5 pm and coming back with food. The Hula dance negative thoughts seem to have subsided. And she remembers who I am and that I came back.

The poor old cat isn't so great though. I took him to the vets on Sunday. But he is weak and floppy...and bleeding from the nose. Hot weather isn't his thing.

Back to work for me. Job hunting for Yujiro.

And the knee: I thought it was getting better a bit, in England I was so careful about walking. But today was my usual busy Tuesday and tonight it's knackered. I am so tired of this problem. Maybe I should get a second opinion...

And outside the front door? Not just roses, but THIS amazing orange flowering bush. I think it might be a hibiscus. it's amazing.

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