Saturday, 22 August 2009

Home and Away.

Okaasan made pickled cucumbers...but to be honest they were pretty disgusting. I hope she gets better than this! And the kitchen stunk of pickling bran. But she is IN the kitchen and using it and using her hands and mind - so that is all good.
I told her about the time I went to a Bran Cleaning Bath which cleaned out all my pores and made me stink for 24 hours.
She told me (5 times) about going to have a Sand Cleaning Bath by a riverside somewhere as a child.
So it was all a bonding moment.

Yujiro is having job interviews...the cat has an increasingly bloody nose and now sneezes blood everywhere...the roses survived a small storm.

The knee guy corrected my translation misunderstanding - my knee problem is CARTILAGE...not ligaments. It makes more sense because the swelling and pain is ON the knee really, top and bottom. I started using Yujiro's old crutch from last year and that takes off a lot of the strain. Hopefully it reduces the effects of the extra 15kg of English cakes and biscuits, cheese and roast meat.Oh...and yummy carrot cake with lemon icing....


Not great news again.
My step mum is back to not eating again. Tired and lethargic.
They think she has a chest infection again and are doing tests.
My Dad sounds depressed.
It was all so good just over a week ago...

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