Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Turning vampirish.

Here I am at midnight - and feeling great!
Jetlag. Big time.
I've woken at 3 am every morning this week - watched a LOT of Sex and the City on TV - ahhh Kerry, 'em. Could never understand why Mr. Big was the big love of her life. He did nothing for me. Aiden was more my type.
Today was day off - so I managed to stay awake till late afternoon. Then slept 5 pm till 8.30 pm. And now feel raring to go!

Our furniture had a visitor today: Tomoko, who was once my student. She kindly gave me lots of old furniture from her parents' house back in March and today she came over to visit.
We had planned beer and food in the garden - but the summer gave up on us...and it was a beer in the living room, a tour of the furniture, greetings to Okaasan and her pile of clothes, and then we went out to a local Italian place.

Lunchtime beer (small cos I had to drive to the restaurant) - PLUS Jetlag......oh yes!!!

Also - went to the knee guy again. And discovered that somehow we had misunderstood eachother originally - my knee isn't ligaments. It is cartilage! He said he could do injections once a week if the swelling is bad...but as it IS getting a little better (if i stay home and watch endless TV), so I should just grin and hobble it...

I AM going to start using a crutch though. It would take the weight off.

The doc kindly reminded me that my 3kg plus of weight gain is more like 15kg on the knee. Yes...i know...but HOW exactly do you lose weight without exercising???

Okaasan went off to hula dance today no problems.
AND!! She has made pickles. She ordered some pickling bran and did cucumber's a great sign because it shows she is beginning to use the kitchen herself and do "homely" things in this house.

But still the pile of clothes on the sofa grows.....I wonder WHY she likes having clothes all over the place?

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