Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Bouncy Okaasan...Deflated Oyomesan.

Okaasan is on a roll.
She's animated and coherent and lively. The trip to the Hula Dance Event made a big difference to her - of course, not sitting in front of the TV vegetating is great for the brain.
She even initiated a conversation with me - following up a morning greeting in the kithen with chat about the Japanese tourists who died in a fire in a Koren shooting gallery. It's so different to a week ago!
Maybe she'll even do some clearing up in her room - I can see from the kitchen that the old newspaper pile is reaching a critical mass point.

Meanwhile I think my body is fighting off some virus...probably THAT influenza.
I've felt tired and tearful all week. Had a sore throat Monday. Aching bones yesterday. Cold. I came home last night and had a bath at 5 pm...then dozed OFF during dinner...and finally crashed into bed at 8 pm nd slept until 4 am.
Today we have to get the car through its MOT and I have to find some way to use my airmiles for going to England during the winter break. I've also got business accounts to bring up to date and an 11-week course of classes to plan for next year. No time to be sick now!
It's a real Catch 22 - go in the winter holidays and can't use air miles - or go out of the holiday season and lose money from not teaching. Anoher teacher has said she'd cover my January 7 class and it might just give me the time to get a non-peak time ticket.

But the great news is that Jane is maybe going home in December - and she has had one whole week of eating by mouth - mashed up food, but real food.
Dad would be so happy - food was so central to his world and he was desperate for Jane to rejoin him in that. And finally, 6 months after the car crash she is 100% on mouth eating again.

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