Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Escape to non-Okaasan Life

I had a great weekend!
Escaped Life with Okaasan by going down to Saitama for 2 nights to see the women I used to share apartments with when I first came to Japan.
Lots of chat about our lives and stuff - lot of food....lots of drink. Lots of laughs.

I met these women when they were in their late 20s...now we are all into 40s and our lives are full of men and babies, Okaasans, job stresses, family illness. It was great to reconnect and remember together.

Yujiro emailed me Sunday night to say Okaasan had JUST come home: at nearly 10 pm!
She was out downtown as usual late afternoon.
He monitored her on the GPS and saw she was in a department store. At 8.30 pm he telephoned her and asked if she'd like to come home for dinner, she said she had had an incontinence accident and was buying more underwear.
After that? Well probably she walked WEST from the department store for a few blocks, then back to the store...and then instead of going down into the store basement and getting on the subway home...she walked all the way UP town to the main station and got on the subway there....finally arriving home at nearly 10 pm.

She hasn't stayed out so late for ages. At least it wasn't really cold. But it can't be good for her.
No way to stop her. Unless we call her around 6.30 pm and remind her about heading home for a 7 pm dinner. Maybe that is a good idea.

One of my Saitama friends is a public health official, she talked to me a lot about getting city help for Okaasan. I know. I know. But FIRST has to come a doctor's assessment. And Yujiro is stalled on THAT idea for now.

anyway. Gotta go to work.

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