Monday, 16 November 2009

Hula! Hula!

Okaasan had a big day out today - about 500 hula dancers from all over Hokkaido got together to boogie in the Prince Hotel. From 1 pm until 8.30 pm! That's quite some boogie.

Yujiro delivered her to the Prince by subway because I had to use the car for work, and Okaasan had a great time.
She looked pretty knackered when he brought her home tonight though. And she wasn't sure if she'd eaten dinner or not...but they must have had some kind of food at an event going from afternoon to evening...and it all cost Y10,000!

Last night she told Yujiro that she didn't want to go to the hairsalon I introduced her to back in the spring...: it's no good, but don't tell Amanda....
Well of course a hairsalon is a personal thing and many women change salon for genuine reasons. If I gave Okaasan the benefit of the doubt I'd imagine it was actually because the salon is no good...but it IS Okaasan and I can also understand that she's probably taken a dislike to the place for some Only Logical to Okaasan reason....way back she was upset because she said someone had written down on a memo that she has the time I thought it might be the hair salon....and maybe this is something of that coming back again....or maybe she had a toilet emergency in the salon seat and is embarrassed to go back...or....whatever.
Anyway - there are plenty of salons in town to work her way round for the next few years!

In class this front of 6 students...I tried to sit down on a chair with roller tangled in my long skirt...and fell  sprawling on the classroom floor....and then cos of the gammy knee...couldn't get up and had to be HELPED up by the students.

It was awwwwful.

Until now my most embarrassing classroom experience ever was getting back to the teachers' room after a class and finding my blouse button had popped open mid-clevage...but today - oh NOOOOO!!! Today was awful.

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