Friday, 27 November 2009's you...

Came home last night around 8.30 pm.
Yujiro was out at a ski instructor meeting. He'd ordered in sushi for Okaasan and left her with it at the end of the afternoon.
She was sitting amid the living room rubbish with the sushi plate, watching TV.
"Ahh? Good evening? Ahh? Where's Yujiro? Isn't he with you?"
SO disappointed!!! I should buy a dog so I can get a big, warm welcome!

I chatted to her a bit while I cooked my own dinner, chatted about the weather and how ski instructor "meetings" are usually drinking parties etc...joke...joke...It's always the problem with my conversations with her- nothing to do with language ability or Oyome-san Hatred...I just don't have the shared memories as a family member or even as the same nationality to natter on about shared-knowledge stuff...

I feel that I come home from a day of helping students talk in ME struggling for something to say in Japanese.

Anyway. Tonight he has a job interview and I'll cook dinner and maybe...hopefully...he'll join us later.
Okaasan and Oyomesan are gonna sit down at the table together. What WILL I talk about?

* I wrote to the Contented Dementia writer in the UK to ask if there is a Japanese translation of his book. He said not yet.

* An 82 year old student who lives in a Care Assisted Home told me that her neighbor has dementia...and has got worse over the past 3 years. Why do I keep hearing "3" years from people?

*  My step-mum is home finally. But I kept trying to call and get no answer. The Care Assistant and she are busy I am sure getting set up. I got through to the Carer last night, but she said Jane was resting....anyway...I have sent some flowers and she knows I am thinking of her.

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