Saturday, 14 November 2009

Petless in Sapporo

Well, now Okaasan is back on track.
Back to more important topics.
The big Gap In Our Home.
No cat.

The other evening Yu and I talked about cats, i.e. when is a good time to get one.

And he stunned me by saying:
a) Before I met you and Bob I always thought pet owners were kind of selfish, because who knows if the pet really wants to live with this person. They have no choice.
b) Pet shops are awful places (well, this I agree with), buying an animal is like buying a baby. It's bad.
c) Picking up a kitten from the park is equally bad because it's mother would be upset. Or at least - who knows how a mother cat feels? Just because YOU want a pet in your home there is no reason to take a kitten from the home and mother it knows in the park.

And he cried about Bob. Again.

Man, men often say that some women can turn on the waterworks and after that you can't reason with them.....that's how I felt. The cold, callous...selfish woman who wanted to snatch a kitten from it's mother's furry embrace and spirit it away to my sofa.

Hmmm. Don't know what to do now.
I never thought pet shop.
But I did hope park or the pregnant black cat that lurks around my garden.

Now I am not so sure.
Added to the mix is the uncertainty about me and England. Will I be going again? For Christmas?
My step mum is still in hospital and weak, but eating a bit and walking a bit. There is a meeting of her doctors soon to decide whether she can go home next month. Obviously with a full-time carer.

If she is home for Xmas should I/ought I go back to England for Xmas (and the airticket will NOT be covered by airmiles yet again because it's peak period)? Should I go just after Xmas....?

And if I am that unfair on a cat. And Yujiro.

Wish  could just be selfish and go grab me a cat from the park right now. Instead I have to be all realistic and think about England and airtickets and work and obligations. Bugger.

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  1. Unless you really want a UK Christmas I would go when the tickets drop. Is so painful trying to travel over the festive season.

    The cat thing - tell hub getting a cat from the pet shop is better than letting someone else take it home. Would have fab life with you. Easier than taking kitten from mummy - even if they are wild.

    Humans adopt though - you are 'adopting' a cat.

    That or you could say someone from work had a cat in its backyard that had just had kittens and if couldn't find homes for them was going to take them all to pound.

    You need another cat. I would love a pet but hub is too 'pets aren't part of the family' person. Got seriously pissed off when I would walk the dog before doing anything else.

    One day though. He wont live for ever and then I will turn into one of those people who get on the news for having fifty dogs in their backyard.