Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shhhhhhhhhhh!!! Second floor ghost.


Here I am quietly having an evening at home on the second floor - so that Okaasan doesn't know I am here.
So I don't have to have dinner with her.
I came home about 5.30 pm having bought the most luxury instant ramen and some salad at the supermarket.
We have a kettle upstairs and some bowls. I can eat a simple dinner.
Okaasan came home at 6.15 pm and Yujiro called her at 6.20 to tell her what was on the stove etc for dinner (heat up some curry and do the rice in the microwave, miso soup in the pan.) He told her I was out working.

I am upstairs quietly. I can hear her shuffling around downstairs.
She has the TV on loudly, so she'll never hear me.
If she actually starts a fire in the kitchen I'll go and rescue her. Otherwise she is on her own.

The only problem is the toilet..and I think I can hold out to about 8 pm...or I'll just have to go in our second floor trash box...

Over. And out.

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  1. hehe

    Get a small fridge and a few more supplies upstairs and you could do this more often!