Sunday, 15 November 2009

A successful day of feeding.

It's a paella....
Last week we saw a TV program where a cook made 4 different dishes - paella, beef stew, spaghetti AND chicken croquettes in 20 minutes. Very  impressive!
While we don't aspire to do all of that, we thought the paella looked good. So tonight THIS was my creation - with many thanks to the TBS TV program young cook.
It worked!
A busy day of trying to get stuff done. And achieving some of it.
Yujiro was working as a gardening test adjudicator, yes there IS such a temp agency job, so he was out all day. I did housework, fed the Okaasan on stuff from the fridge and gave her a bit of chat...she still seems fine, but I am feeling a little cautious about her because I've seen the OTHER OKAASAN. And it was scary.
Had lunch with a friend, checked at the travel agents  about how expensive airtickets to ther UK will be in Xmas and New Year....hung around.....and it rained all day....

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