Friday, 13 November 2009

Sweet Okaasan Returns

She's back!
The sweet old lady who giggles and smiles at Oyomesan.
Did she forget the awfulness? Did she decide to forgive? We'll never know (and she certainly won't  know).

But Wednesday night dinner was definately different in mood: lighter, brighter, carefree. She and Yujiro chatted away and I just layed low at the table a bit. But Yujiro and I both felt the change. Okaasan smiled and chatted.

Then yesterday as we rushed to get out of the house in the morning Okaasan was standing at the bottom of the stairs as I came down them one step at a time with all my bags.

"How is the knee? Is it still painful?" she asked!!!!!!!
Actual direct conversation to me on an old topic. Amanda = Bad Knee.
I told her my stock answers for the moment: Getting Better. Still Painful Sometimes. Still Having Rehabilitation Treatment.
It was a normal conversation.

And again at dinner. Normal. She laughed. She listened to things I said. She asked me questions about the food.

It was Return of the (Sweet) Okaasan.

Mind you - the bad feelings lasted almost a week. So I'm gonna be so so careful from now on about keeping her sweet. The Bad Oyomesan Memories must be kept at bay.

* PS   I am writing this at work! I got a laptop and this morning is my first day to have it in use at work. I can see hours and hours of computer word games this winter.

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