Saturday, 8 May 2010

Okaasan blues...

Okaasan seems a bit blue.
There is no particularly reason we can see of course, and she isn't acting up.
But she shuffles around the kitchen and her room: washing a few clothes, watching TV, making cups of tea, eating the food we put on the table...but there isn't much spark.
At dinner she eats with her eyes on her food and listens to Yujiro prattle on about stuff, with occasional responses.
Not much laughter or eye contact really.

Should I just give her the fruitbowl back? At the moment I've hidden it behind the flower vase, so it doesn't come into Okaasan's view.
Is her moood connected to the fruit bowl? Or completely something else?

I wish (yet again) that I was the kind of person who could prattle on - in any language - because that's what Okaasan needs....but apart from the weather, cherry blossom arrival guessing, the flowers on the kitchen table...I can't think WHAT to prattle about!
Yujiro prattles well, but usually about stuff he is interested in: the difference in price between 2 supermarkets, the man he met who was a Brazil soccer team fan...Okaasan can't really latch onto any of these topics and join the conversation. If she ventures into it - Yujiro knocks her back (figuratively of course!) with a "Eh, no, I'm not talking about that!"....and she retreats again into silence.
I still reckon Okaasan has better conversation experiences when she is with me alone, because I don't have much language skill and it is easier for me to get her onto Korean food/Kawagoe/crabs/wartime...and let her bat that subject around herself.
But sometimes even the Favorite Topics don't seem to ignite a spark. I mention Korean food...and apart from: "Korean food is the most delicious in the world", there is no development. It's like Okaasan lets the tennis ball serve drop onto the court on her side of the net. On a good day the "Korean food" ball would instantly get lobbed back with the tales of going to New York and how the tour guide said Korean food was deleicious etc etc...but on a bad day the topic just dies.

Last night dinner was pretty quiet and the 3 of us stayed in the kitchen washing up for a while, but Okaasan seemed locked away in her thoughts while Yujiro and I chatted to fill the void.

This weekend I am away in Tokyo for one night and Yujiro has work/kittens/Okaasan to deal with, so there won't be much mental stimulation for Okaasan. I hope she is ok.

Last night the Hula Dance Friend called Yujiro to say there is another hula event coming up and Okaasan needs to pay some money for the costume etc, of course she hasn't said anything about this event and Yujiro will make sure to put the money in an envelope in Okaasan's bag on Monday morning - and then the Friend will make sure to ask Okaasan for it and look for it at the class.

Meanwhile - British politics unravels and unravels and nobody knows where it will go. I've been watching it all on the BBC website live newsstream. It  seems many worlds away.

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  1. I hope Okaasan got the money needed to hula class and all OK - and that your night away was a break at least. It's baffling, really. You've really taken on a handful in hub's mother. I do try and keep up with what you are up to - hard to comment sometimes as have no useful advice whatsoever and just wonder 'I hope to God Granny K doesn't get dementia'. At least I have all your posts to re-read if she ever does!